Supporting Healthy Work: ageing, mid-life MOTs and the responsible business

With over one third of UK workers already aged 50+, the ageing workforce is one of the key challenges facing businesses across the UK. The UK Government’s Spring Budget 2023 recognised the need to better support workers over 50, with their ‘mid-life MOTs’.

We are organising a series of events across the UK to bring businesses together in discussions on innovative approaches to supporting healthy ageing at work. Our events will feature talks from experts, policy makers and practitioners who will share their insights on challenges of the ageing workforce. In these events, you will hear more about project SHAW and the innovative practical approaches to supporting healthy ageing at work that emerged from our interdisciplinary research. You will also be able to interact with a prototype of SHAW App, a workplace health intervention designed to support work in later life.

We will be running this event in the following UK locations: