Find out more about the project and key outcomes.

Supporting Healthy Ageing at Work (SHAW) was a 3-year, large scale interdisciplinary project funded by UKRI Social, Behavioural and Design Research Programme. The project aims and outcomes address an increasingly urgent need to find ways to support work in mid-to-later life in response to significant demographic shifts in the UK and globally.


One of key outcomes of the project is SHAW App, a bespoke web-based service which uses a combination of self-assessed questions drawn from validated scales and AI (LLM) technology to help individuals Reflect on and Review their health and work, and then take Action to get the support they need.

The App is designed to be applicable for a range of use contexts such as intense work periods, preventative health management, annual reviews and career reviews.

The Reflect and Review aspects of the App have been developed in a proof-of-concept prototype, and tested during the project. The development of the App continues beyond project SHAW, with more user testing with employees and employers, and the development of Action aspect.

The App is also central to Caring for Carers: Innovating for Workplace Health and Wellbeing Support project supported by the Healthy Ageing Catalyst Award (Sept 2023 – Aug 2024). The aim of this sister project to SHAW is to expand the understanding of how health impacts workers in the social care sector, and to further innovate in the area of generic pattern analysis of data gathered within SHAW App to inform employers on key health trends reported by their workforce without infringing on individual privacy.